The Bernfeld and Batescoff families have a long and rich musical tradition, going back at least two generations.


My paternal grandfather, Emanoil (Manole) Bernfeld, was a distinguished concert pianist in Romania.


He studied in Paris and Berlin, notably with Dr. Edwin Fischer in the late 1920s. He performed with renowned conductors like Constantin Silvestri and played many piano recitals.  Manole was also involved in educational concerts for young and old.


Together with his brother Benjamin (Bebe, violin) and his sister Sophie (cello) and later my father Benjamin (cello), Manole was playing chamber music in their home in Brasov, Romania.


Bebe played first violin in the Berlin Symphony Orchestra

until 1934 and was part of the Quartet, playing second violin. He also wrote 46 studies for Quartets, which I’ll be publishing soon.


My maternal grandfather, Stefan Batescoff, was playing

clarinet in the Bucharest Radio Symphonic Orchestra in the

50s and 60s, as well as the saxophone in many jazz ensembles

since the 1920s.