Ben Mastering - H.M Acustica

I believe that in order to be a good sound engineer, you have to have a rich musical background.

I started to play keyboards (in this 70s period I had a Fender Roads and a Farfisa organ with Lesley) in several rock and pop bands in my teens, playing from Italian hits to Heavy Rock (especially Deep Purple), a lot of Santana and highlighting with the “Dirty Nurse” band.


Also in this period, I started DJing, which requires besides tempo/BPM knowledge and feeling also lots of leveling and EQing dexterity, the main tasks in Mastering. This was the best school for me!

My first attempts were analog, but since the BW102 provided EQ and Dynamics, I have mastered digitally, starting in my father’s studio Harmonia Mundi Acustica with a few Andreas Vollenweider re-masterings (converting the analog master to digital), in the mid 80s we were at the beginning of the CD era!


Beginning of 88 I moved to Israel and opened my own Mastering studio: H.M.Acustica. For the next years, I have mastered and re-mastered hundreds of albums of renowned Israeli bands and artists, like Kaveret, Mashina, Hayehudim, Shlomo Artzi, Matti Caspi, David Broza, Noa (Achinoam Nini), Gali Atari, Yehudit Ravitz and many more.


I used through the years many editing devices like: SONY's DAE 1100, Sadie and Wavelab Digital Audio Workstations. Currently I use Wavelab 7.

For Sound Processing I'm favoring until today the Harmonia Mundi - Daniel Weiss BW102, which is a state of the art HW and SW digital mastering system. In addition,  I also use many plug-ins like: Waves, iZotope, Voxengo, Sonnox and more.


Due to today’s fast Internet speed, mastering sessions don’t have to be attended anymore, which broadens possibilities and makes locations irrelevant: you can live in Europe or the US and send me your material to be mastered by WeTransfer or DropBox or any other transfer site. After mastering it, I will send it back to you for approval and later send you the DDP master, iTunes or YouTube files for upload.