Guy Beren

My son Guy, nicknamed Beren took piano lessons at an early stage and for his Bar Mitzvah he wished an electric guitar. I bought him a simple electric guitar and a small amp, which he used now and then. It was then, that I suggested him to switch to bass guitar.


I think Guy was meant to play the bass, as he advanced very rapidly. He was accepted in the music class of his high-school held by Iris Portugaly. First Guy bought a 4 string Schecter, which he played in a group called Inferno, followed by PieQ, a successful progressive rock band in Israel, later using his well-loved 6 strings Ibanez.


Guy is currently finishing his 3rd and last year at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, where he learned and specialized in playing Jazz, arranging and orchestrating.

He hopes to be admitted at the Berklee College of Music in Boston this fall.


Except PieQ, Guy currently plays in the Gag Quartet, Anakdota, Carmel Appel Pop and several jazz/fusion groups.

In addition to bass, guitar and piano, Guy writes amazing vocal arrangements, like Disney’s When you wish upon a star tune.